Madeira - Bootstouren In the 20´s there was a man, António Pedro Gonçalves, whose ambition was to become the best naval constructor in madeira. his abilities soon became evident, mainly after building the famous boat "physalia" for a member of the american consulate. by the 50´s, captain Cecil Garton of the royal air force also wanted a yacht and didn´t hesitate to order it from the already well known maestro António Pedro Gonçalves. his new work would become his masterpiece. with the name "Ventura do Mar" this craft is 50ft (16m) long, it has 2 masts and has a traditional madeiran mold. the maestro built the boat more or less entirely by intuition. all the wood needed for the construction was chosen by the maestro in madeira. after 2 years of hard and precise work construction, a 96 horse power volvo-penta diesel engine was finally installed. in 1963 the "Ventura do Mar" was launched into the water for the inaugural journey. Until recently it was a private boat, having become a pleasure boat for tourist means, making it available to all for the pleasure of sailing and enjoying the observation of marine mammals, marine birds all year round! Boat features: 40 years old, traditional madeiran molde,16 meters length, 4 meters wide, sailing ketch (2 masts), of wood, volvo-penta 96hp, kitchen, wc, 2 life rafts (12 pax each), 24 lifejackets, 2 gps, automatic pilot, 2 compasses, vhf, epirbe, etc. the great history of this boat together with our hospitality are two big reasons to sail with us!